Email Marketing

There are no second chances for first impressions. With Agile Design's Email Campaigns’ tailored layouts, you can impress your customers and have professional-looking emails without stretching your budget.

Email Marketing

An Example

First Impressions Count Last

When it comes to email marketing there is not much that is more important than having a good email design. A clear, lightweight and customized design is essential to entice the reader and convey the intended call to action — that is, to make the most of the email campaign, be it a news message or a commercial offer.

Bulk Email Service

Agile Design provides a bulk email facility that can be used to build a database of subscribers and send out regular marketing content, newsletters, new users sign up, forgotten passwords, receipts, order confirmation, etc. Your customers can subscribe through a form on your website or your contact list can be imported.

The Process

We can prepare custom-made HTML emails with images, text, your companies branding and logo as well as plain text versions with the content that you supply. All custom-made email templates will be sent to you for approval first and only sent once approved. All the html emails we create are built to be responsive so that it sits well on whichever device your clients read it from.

Responsive email designs

All of our developed layouts automatically format themselves to fit your clients’ devices. They will are built to accommodate users reading them from computers, smartphones, and tablets ensuring your emails look great no matter where your customers read them.
The bulk mail service features includes:

» Future dated campaigns and automated recurring messages.
» Personalization of messages.
» Advanced Reporting. It gives detailed reports on the emails sent: delivery statistics, bounce reports, and click tracking.
» And much more.

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