Idea Development

Do you have a great software related idea that you would like to bring to life?
If so, read below to see how we can help you.

Do you have a great idea that involves software?

You've probably ran into the age-old problem of requiring funds for your idea in order to get started, right? But then you find that potential investors say it's way too early for them to invest in your idea or business since they would like to see a working prototype or clients that are already paying you. What then?

Well, in order to build your prototype you will need talented developers; who don't come cheap. So you need funding from investors. And so you are back to square one.

The Main Issue

Most often budding entrepreneurs do not recognize that they don’t actually need a software developer to get your idea of the ground. Rather than racing to raise capital for the big-budget software development costs, you priorities your efforts towards refining your idea; giving attention to developing the product and/or service. Doing so will help you navigate against running into issues with having insufficient budgeting, poor system specifications, and getting the wrong end result (having required a blue truck and getting a yellow submarine). There are many reasons that can be found that lead to these issues, however more often than not, it is because the founders of these companies rush straight into development without have done the following:

1. A full understanding of what it is they want to build.

2. Finding out whether indeed their solution will truly work well in the market.

As software development with a team that has been actively involved in the South Africa start-up community we have encountered and had many discussions with founders that have software or hardware technology based ideas. What has been clear is that most do not really fully understand how their services or products will actually work, how much time it will take to develop them, how much effort will be needed, or how much money it will take to bring it all to life. This can be a catastrophe that is just waiting to happen.

The Solution

Since we have noticed that this has become a requiring issue, we have set up an idea development service to help navigate this strenuous phase of business; aiming to noticeably reduce both your budget and time to market.

Working together with you (the entrepreneur), Agile Design will then assist in following ways:

⟩ Refine your idea through business model generation.

⟩Plan the Minimal Viable Product ( i.e the minimum set of features that is enough to deploy the product and test key assumptions)

⟩Design your app user interface and help you refine the user experience. This will be a collaborative effort that includes user interviews, paper sketches and digital designs.

⟩Provide you with technical recommendations which will give you a better understanding of what actually goes on behind the scenes. (i.e. what third-party services to use, what platforms to build on etc)

As a result of this process you will walk away with the following:

√ Comprehensive Business Model Canvas

√ Sketches of your app/website

√ Complete digital prototypes

√ Compiled technical recommendation document

√ High level development cost estimation

√ Peace of mind

At this stage you will have your MVP planned out, with a complete set of designs and technical requirements, placing you in a much stronger position to attract investors.

Steps to follow after the idea development process

Now that the idea has been refined and documented, the next step would be to develop the idea into a product/service. We have all the required technical expertise in-house to build your product and we are also plugged into a network of entrepreneurs and developers who may assist you further.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the idea/product development service depends entirely on the nature of the product that you would like to build. Contact us by emailing to discuss further.


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