We provide a host of software services to our clients and thier business needs.
These services help to improve business performance.


Web Development

We specialise in giving you contemporary designs with the highest user- experience and maximum customability. We can build data-drive dynamic websites.

Responsive Design

Responsive design allows for your website to will work seamlessly on all sizes and types of devices whether mobile, tablet or desktop on Windows and Apple systems.

Mobile Application Development

We develop both Android and iOS apps. We will guide you through all the phases: conception, designing, prototyping, testing and production.

E-Commerce Website

Whether it is for a few products or for thousands of products, we can help you in setting up your ideal online store that is secure and scalable.

Digital Strategy

Digital strategies are about ensuring that you align your business needs to your technology requirements. This is done to make certain that the tech improves your digital capabilities.

Cloud computing

We can develop cloud-based solutions to ensure ultimate business agility.

Design UI/UX

As we take you from concept to production, we ensure that the we develop a well thought-out user experience and user interface.


We offer monthly analytical reports for all our product offerings. These will help you find out which efforts or content work. It makes it easier to make good decisions, repeat successful marketing initiatives and, in the end, make more money!


We can develop Content Management Systems (CMS) tailored to your requirements which work by allow you to upload content to your CMS website where ever and whenever you like.

Domain Registration

We can facilitate the website and/or email domain registration for you to whichever domain you request i.e. .com,, .net, etc.


We offer hosting solution that cater to your business requirements whether it be email, website, or database hosting.

SSL Certificates

SSL prevents malicious users from accessing your website to steal passwords, credit or debit card information, and sensitive data. Agile Design offers a variety of SSL certificates from industry leaders to ensure high-level security.


We offer monthly maintenance and support to enable websites to remain relevant and perform at their ultimate best.


We perform routine backups to ensure that you never fall victim to lost or corrupt data due to hackers or malfunctioning servers.

Email Marketing

Agile Design provides a bulk email facility that can be used to build a database of subscribers and send out regular marketing content or newsletters. Read more.

Software Testing

Agile Design provides in-house software quality assuarance testing services. Read more.


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